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In the recent years, the city has consistently been ranked among France's most liveable cities[3], The area of La Rochelle was occupied in antiquity by the Gallic tribe of the Santones, who gave their name to the nearby region of Saintonge and the city of Saintes. La Rochelle to Bordeaux train services, operated by SNCF, depart from La Rochelle Ville station. Am I allowed to travel from La Rochelle to Bordeaux? Following these events, Louis XIII and his Chief Minister Cardinal Richelieu declared the suppression of the Huguenot revolt the first priority of the kingdom. La Rochelle to Bordeaux bus services, operated by FlixBus, arrive at Bordeaux, Bordeaux Saint-Jean station. Yes, the driving distance between La Rochelle to Bordeaux is 185 km. The stronghold, including the islands of Ré and Oléron, was held by 20,000 German troops under German vice-admiral Ernst Schirlitz. It is the capital of the Charente-Maritime department. And in La Rochelle, you can drink "Bordeaux" ! 2004 marked the 20th anniversary of this event. 3. Wearing a face mask on public transport in Bordeaux is mandatory. [13] Conversions to Calvinism however continued, due to a change of religious beliefs, but also to a desire for political independence on the part of the local elite, and a popular opposition to royal expenses and requisitions in the building projects to fortify the coast against England.[13]. ViaMichelin vous indique la distance exacte à parcourir entre Bordeaux et La Rochelle, en fonction de l’itinéraire emprunté. La Rochelle and its region are served by the international La Rochelle - Île de Ré Airport, which has progressively developed over the last 5 years. Its architect was Ange-Jacques Gabriel. Suivez le match La Rochelle - Bordeaux sur Foot 365 le Dimanche 25 octobre 2020 à 21h05 : vivez en direct la 6ème journée entre passionné du football From « la Rochelle » ancient fortified harbor, your cycling tour takes you along the Atlantic coast to discover the Charente Maritime area and at the end to Médoc vineyards through a great diversity of landscapes. What companies run services between La Rochelle, France and Bordeaux, France? What companies run services between La Rochelle, France and Bordeaux, France? During the Renaissance, La Rochelle adopted Protestant ideas. La Rochelle has a very big aquarium, and a small botanical garden (the Jardin des plantes de La Rochelle). What should I do if I have COVID-19 symptoms when I arrive in Bordeaux? The La Rochelle to Bordeaux train travel time is normally about 2 hours and 9 minutes, whatever time you make the journey. How far is Bordeaux from La Rochelle? Request to join the ride, wait to be accepted, and pay your share of the set price. Saint Hilaire de Villefranche to Bordeaux, Gare de Belfort Montbéliard TGV to Bordeaux, There is a social distancing requirement of 1 metre. [16], From 1568, La Rochelle became a centre for the Huguenots, and the city declared itself an independent Reformed Republic on the model of Geneva. ', 'Do the trains and buses have Wifi?' Alternatively, FlixBus operates a bus from La Rochelle to Bordeaux, Bordeaux Saint-Jean twice daily. Following negotiations by the French Navy frigate captain Meyer, the general German capitulation occurred on 7 May and French troops entered La Rochelle on 8 May. Get cheap flights from La Rochelle to Bordeaux with Skyscanner India. Children discount : from 0 to 2 years old : free from 3 to 11 years old : - 50% from 12 to 17 years old : - 20% (Only if the triple or quadruple rooms are occupied by 2 adults minimum) 'Bike extra' & various La Rochelle is the setting for the best-selling series of French language textbooks in the UK, titled Tricolore. The establishment of La Rochelle as a harbour was a consequence of the victory of Duke Guillaume X of Aquitaine over Isambert de Châtelaillon in 1130 and the subsequent destruction of his harbour of Châtelaillon. Find all the transport options for your trip from La Rochelle to Bordeaux right here. [21] The city was finally besieged during the Siege of La Rochelle (1572-1573) during the French Wars of Religion, following the St. Bartholomew's Day massacre in August 1572, and occurred at the same time as other sieges of Protestant cities such as the Siege of Sancerre. A city with port and industrial functions that are still important, it has a predominantly administrative and tertiary sector that is reinforced by its university and a rapidly developing tourism industry. La Rochelle possesses a commercial deep water harbour, named La Pallice. In my opinion, La Rochelle is more scenic than Bordeaux (and also more relaxing). And in La Rochelle, you can drink "Bordeaux" ! What are the La Rochelle to Bordeaux train times and schedule? Yes, there is a direct bus departing from La Rochelle and arriving at Bordeaux, Bordeaux Saint-Jean. Choose one of the following options for the Bordeaux to La Rochelle route: Michelin recommended, quickest, shortest or economical. Stade Rochelais are a professional rugby union team in the Top 14 league. La Rochelle, and the siege of 1627 form much of the backdrop to the later chapters of Alexandre Dumas, père's classic novel, The Three Musketeers. Nonstop drive: 118 miles or 190 km Driving time: 1 hour, 55 minutes Even though you can drive this distance straight through, it might be more interesting to stop along the way. Here's the quick answer if you drive this relatively short distance without making any stops. This page was last edited on 27 December 2020, at 16:55. Under Henry IV, and under the regency of his son Louis XIII, the city enjoyed a certain freedom and prosperity. The journey time may be longer on weekends and holidays, so use our Journey Planner on this page to search for a specific travel date. There are 1033+ hotels available in Bordeaux. The quickest way to get from La Rochelle to Bordeaux is to drive which costs 20€ - 30€ and takes 1h 48m. Nearby Île de Ré is a short drive to the North. La Rochelle (/ˌlɑː rəˈʃɛl/; French: [la ʁɔʃɛl]; Poitevin-Saintongese: La Rochéle) is a city on the central west coast of France and a seaport on the Bay of Biscay, a part of the Atlantic Ocean. [citation needed]. [17] During the subsequent period, La Rochelle became an entity that has been described as a "state within a state". Flying non-stop from Bordeaux to La Rochelle Now let's assume you have a private jet and you can fly in the fastest possible straight line between Bordeaux, France and La Rochelle, France. La Rochelle and its region are served by the international La Rochelle - Île de Ré Airport, which has progressively developed over the last 5 years. Save this link to stay updated on COVID-19 restrictions, If you need help, visit the national COVID-19 website or call the COVID-19 Helpline 800 130 000. During the 18th century, its style was greatly influenced by Chinese themes and Japanese Kakiemon-type designs. What are the Bordeaux to La Rochelle train times and schedule? La Rochelle faience with Chinese decorations. It is in fact a "Door océane" by the presence of its three ports (of fishing, trade and yachting). [28] In February 1794, the National Assembly legislated the Universal Emancipation decree, which effectively freed all colonial slaves. [14] Pierre Richier became "Ministre de l'église de la Rochelle" ("Minister of the Church of La Rochelle") when he returned from Brazil in 1558, and was able to considerably increase the Huguenot presence in La Rochelle, from a small base of about 50 souls who had been secretly educated in the Lutheran faith by Charles de Clermont the previous year. Take the train from La Rochelle Ville to Bordeaux St Jean, Take the bus from La Rochelle to Bordeaux, Bordeaux Saint-Jean, Take the rideshare from La Rochelle to Bordeaux. Services depart every four hours, and operate every day. Depuis le port de La Rochelle, l'itinéraire de La Vélodyssée vous mène à la cité royale de Rochefort baignée par la Charente. From the famed TGVs to no-frills Ouigo, we explain which SNCF train to choose and how to book. [6] La Rochelle was the Templars' largest base on the Atlantic Ocean,[7] and where they stationed their main fleet. La Rochelle to Bordeaux train services, operated by SNCF, arrive at Bordeaux St Jean station. Consultez les horaires des trains entre La Rochelle et Bordeaux, ainsi que tous les arrêts et changements nécessaires pour votre trajet ! With some flexibility, you’ll get to your destination often faster and cheaper than other means. The La Rochelle to Bordeaux train travel time is normally about 2 hours and 9 minutes, whatever time you make the journey. It is also the location of the fishing fleet, which was moved from the old harbour in the centre of the city during the 1980s. La Rochelle was the first French city, with Rouen, to experience iconoclastic riots in 1560, at the time of the suppression of the Amboise conspiracy, before the riots spread to many other cities. [2], To this day city still possesses a rich historical, including its Saint-Nicholas tower, and urban heritage. The city traces its origins back to the Gallo-Roman period attested by the remains of important salt marshes and villas. - Wikipedia, Place de la Bourse is one of the most recognizable sights of Bordeaux. La Rochelle was founded during the 10th century and became an important harbour in the 12th century. 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Book your La Rochelle to Bordeaux bus tickets online with Omio, FlixBus and Busbud. Pour effectuer les 185 km de voyage entre La Rochelle et Bordeaux, il vous faudra compter 2 h 10. La Rochelle's main feature is the "Vieux Port" ("Old Harbour"), which is at the heart of the city, picturesque and lined with seafood restaurants. During the Hundred Years' War in 1360, following the Treaty of Bretigny La Rochelle again came under the rule of the English monarch. Skyscanner is consumer's favourite and won Condé Nast Traveller Readers' Travel Awards 2018 (India's most influential travel awards) as favourite travel app to find cheap flights quickly. You can also add information on Michelin restaurants, tourist attractions or hotels in Bordeaux or La Rochelle. La Rochelle also maintains strong links with the sea by harbouring the largest marina for pleasure boats in Europe at Les Minimes, and a rather rich boat-building industry which includes Amel Yachts.[38]. The train from La Rochelle Ville to Bordeaux St Jean takes 2h 24m including transfers and departs every four hours. The Museum of Aquitaine (French: Musée d'Aquitaine) is a collection of objects and documents from the history of Bordeaux and Aquitane. Ouibus journeys are safe and comfortable, with the four-star coaches offering power outlets, restrooms and WiFi. [31][32] Many of these ceramics can be viewed at the Musée d'Orbigny-Bernon. Alternatively, you can bus, which costs 9€ - 22€ and takes 2h 30m. La Rochelle. La Rochelle to Bordeaux route planner Get the best route from La Rochelle to Bordeaux with ViaMichelin. They play their home matches at Stade Marcel-Deflandre. Its urban activities are multiple and strongly differentiated. The nearby Île de Ré is accessible via a bridge from La Rochelle.[40]. COVID-19 Travel restrictions may apply in France. ', 'Should I book online before I travel? Buses are equipped with communal TV screens showing movies, individual behind-seat screens, ALSA radio, app for books and music, and free WiFi. Tips for choosing 1st or 2nd class. During that period France lost many of the territorial possessions which it had had in the new World, and also saw a strong decrease in its sea power in the continuing conflicts with Britain, ultimately diminishing the role of such harbours as La Rochelle. Jusqu'à Royan, le parcours suit l'océan par des pistes cyclables à travers les pinèdes.

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