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By using Verywell Health, you accept our, Anxiety During Certain Medical Procedures, How Stay-at-Home Orders Are Affecting Our Health, The 11 Best Gifts for People with Anxiety of 2020, 20 Ways to Help a Child With Autism to Stay Calm or Manage Meltdowns. February 2, 2015. Most weighted blankets just have machine-washable covers (not inserts), so you don't have to worry about breaking your washing machine by throwing an entire 15-pound blanket in it. They fill up Sometimes they are recommended for those with ADHD. The blanket is available in 15- and 20-pound weights, so it will be best suited to adults who weigh 150 to 200 pounds. The basic premise behind weighted blanket benefits is the power of deep pressure touch stimulation. There are many blog posts advising on the benefits of weighted blankets and how they can help with anxiety and stress. We’re all unique individuals, after all, with our own personal needs and complex nervous systems. Weighted blankets aim to simulate the same therapeutic effects of a security blanket by intensifying the sensation of being held, stroked, cuddled, or squeezed. Pediatrics. LiveScience. Amazon's Choice, the YnM weighted blanket, is just $65 for a 15-pound blanket. While there is no conclusive evidence that weighted blankets are effective for the treatment of any health condition, they are popular with many people due to the comfort they provide. If you’re in the market for a heavy blanket with a soft feel, you’re in the right place.a soft feel, you’re in the right place. Insomnia is a sleeping disorder classified by difficulty falling and staying asleep. 30 Best Songs to Rock Out to This New Year’s Eve, What Our Senior Home Editor Wants Right Now, 30 Movies to Watch at Home on New Year's Eve, 11 Best Weighted Blankets to Help You Calm Down, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. Weighted Blanket Benefits: A weighted blanket, or gravity blanket, is one of the tools that psychiatry and therapy clinics use for their patients. Home » Sleep Appliance » Blanket » 8 Benefits Of Weighted Blankets: Why It’s Good For Sleep Last Updated on December 9, 2020 by Terry Cralle In the past few years, weighted blankets have been deemed as the so-called ‘magical blankets’. It is said to … Learn to know the benefits of weighted blankets. As a general rule, weighted blankets are safe for healthy adults, older children, and teenagers. Known by various names, it is commonly referred to as deep pressure stimulation (DPS). Although many people report improvements in their health and well-being from these popular blankets, there remains considerable debate as to whether they offer the benefits that some proponents claim. Even if you don't have an anxietydisorder, occupational therapists say you'll probably still notice that you feel good under a weighted blanket. The Good Housekeeping Institute's experts say they shouldn't be used by anyone who can't move freely under the weight — the general rule of thumb is to go for 10% of your body weight, so someone who weights 150 pounds should get a 15-pound weighted blanket. 1. Weighted blankets may help adults and children with sensory processing disorder feel calmer and more relaxed. Persons with this disorder have difficulty processing sensory information such as textures, sounds, smells, tastes, brightness, and movement. Updated October 27, 2020. The first thing to consider is that are very beneficial if you … In addition, a weighted blanket may also be unsuitable for those people who are claustrophobic, as it may cause anxiety rather than ease it. doi:10.5014/ajot.2020.037358, Gringras P, Green D, Wright B, et al. Guidelines For Weighted Blankets – How Heavy Should A Weighted Blanket Be For Adults? Can’t sleep? This special type of blanket … Weighted blankets and sleep in autistic children--A randomized controlled trial. When a person lacks the needed duration and quality of sleep, it can … These include chronic respiratory conditions, such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and obstructive sleep apnea. Weighted blankets typically need to be at least 10 percent of an individual’s body weight, plus one to two pounds. Be it from the lack of warmth that one typical blanket offers or the relaxing weight that several provide. According to research, the application of deep pressure, provided by a weighted vest or blanket, can produce a calming or relaxing effect in children with certain clinical conditions who have sensory processing disorder.. Weight: Weighted blankets are generally available in weights ranging from 10 to 20 pounds. Eases insomnia. Understanding the stress response. A STUDY focused around the benefits of 30-pound weight blankets found that participants who wrapped themselves in … 2004;10(5):767-776. doi:10.1089/acm.2004.10.767. What you should — and shouldn't — expect from weighted blankets. Vests, lap pads, shoulder pads, blankets and animal shapes are all readily available for purchase. Ⓒ 2020 About, Inc. (Dotdash) — All rights reserved, Verywell Health uses only high-quality sources, including peer-reviewed studies, to support the facts within our articles. Bradfield H. The psychology behind weighted blankets: Why and how they work. The science behind using a weighted blanket is a well-known and proven relaxation therapy that is frequently used for people with stress and anxiety. J Formos Med Assoc. Using a weighted blanket to apply gentle pressure to the body helps to naturally relax the nervous system and induce restful sleep. Pressure from the blanket may trigger nervous system responses that lower your heart rate and breathing when … Updated July 6, 2020. Adults can use medium-large weighted blankets ranging from 12 to 30 pounds. It is important to note that, despite positive findings in several of these studies, they are limited by their small size, short duration, and/or lack of diverse subjects. 17 Weighted Blanket Benefits (According to Science) Because weighted blankets are a form of deep pressure therapy, they provide many of the same benefits, including an increase in serotonin, a reduction in heart rate, and much more. When the parasympathetic nervous system kicks in, it releases endorphins, the “happy hormones’” that instill feelings of calm. It looks and feels high quality, while the 6.8kg blanket was just the right weight for our testers. As a general rule, a weighted blanket should be 10% of an adult person’s body weight, according to most manufacturers’ websites. Read our, Medically reviewed by Jonathan B. Jassey, DO, Verywell Health uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. A study involving 21 children ages 8 to 13 years with ADHD and 21 healthy controls found that the use of a weighted blanket improved the time it took to fall asleep and the number of awakenings to a level comparable to that of the controls., A more recent study examined 120 patients who were randomized (1-to-1) to either a weighted metal chain blanket or a light plastic chain blanket for four weeks. Then, the user’s brain, sensing this pressure, secrete serotonin. Raise Serotonin and Calm Down Using a weighted blanket can lower your stress levels and improve your ability to relax. The benefits of using a weighted blanket cover a wide range of sleep disorders as well as sensory processing disorders. Here are five benefits weighted blankets provide: 1. Here are the benefits of using a weighted blanket: Reduces stress and anxiety. Weighted blankets make it easier to relax so that you can get the rest you need. Overall Focus Improvements. The Good Housekeeping Institute's top pick, the Sleep Number Relaxation blanket, had one reviewer who said it was "so comfy, I fell asleep when I wasn't even tired!". Weighted blankets are commonly recommended for individuals with autism. The benefits associated with weighted blankets are gained through using one, and don’t necessarily provide long lasting effects after the blanket is removed. The release of serotonin and associated endorphins can promote a calm and relaxed state, promoting sleep and leaving the … This could trigger feelings of anxiousness, thus negating all the benefits a weighted blanket is supposed to provide. It is said that these blankets are extremely good for deep psychological reasons and can thus, go a long way in helping people suffering from depression [6] . it is recommended that you choose a weighted blanket size based on the body weight of the person in … Occup Ther Ment Health. Harvard Health. Further research on the benefits of weighted blankets is needed in all of these therapeutic areas. Fights Back Against Stress. By providing deep pressure touch, weighted blankets can promote relaxation and help break this cycle. can help you relax and de-stress. It helps you fall asleep and stay asleep. “Research shows that weighted blankets can help with better relaxation and sleep, two things that are critical to overall health,” says wellness expert Jamie Hess of NYCfitfam . something you feel on your skin). Anxiety One of the primary uses of a weighted blanket … J Clin Sleep Med. If you or your child has autism, anxiety or a sensory processing disorder, your doctor or occupational therapist may have recommended a weighted blanket as a way to help manage the symptoms. 2015;2(3):1022. Pediatrics. She says that's why most brands' blankets will have a bit smaller dimensions than your typical twin- or king-size comforter. Mullen B, Champagne T, Krishnamurty S, Dickson D, Gao RX. Good Housekeeping participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. SIDS and other sleep-related infant deaths: Evidence base for 2016 updated recommendations for a safe infant sleeping environment. A weighted blanket, or ‘gravity blanket’, is a type of heavy blanket that is made out of two layers of sheets filled with beads. A Swedish study published in the Journal of Sleep Medicine & Disorders concluded that the use of weighted blankets had a positive impact on sleep, both objectively and subjectively, where a number of physiological and behavioral measures were improved in a cohort of 31 adults. Although there have been studies on the benefits of massage therapy for osteoarthritis and chronic pain, there is currently no evidence that weighted blankets are effective in the treatment of these conditions. Price: No matter what your budget is, there's a weighted blanket out there for you. While using a weighted blanket to treat agitation and anxiety in persons with dementia may sound unconventional, this recommendation is backed by science. As with children with ASD, many children with ADHD have sleep disturbances, such as trouble falling asleep and waking up several times throughout the night. With over 50 fabrics to choose from, 8 sizes, and the ability to make almost any custom size, it … You’re not alone! "With a weighted blanket, I notice that I sleep more deeply and don't wake up in the middle of the night as often," says Sachs. Weighted blankets can also alleviate the symptoms in people suffering from chronic pain conditions and insomnia. FYI: You might be wondering if weighted blankets are safe. asleep at night often find that using weighted blankets helps improve their sleep. While research on weighted blankets is sparse, deep pressure stimulation has been found to calm adults and children with anxiety, autism, and attention difficulties, researchers say. A sense of calm is necessary to drift off to sleep. That's why weighted blankets have been used by occupational therapists for far longer than most realize. Many adults associate snuggling under a comfy blanket with a sense of security, which harkens back to “security blankets” that they may have had as a child. Material: You can find weighted blankets that come in all different types of fabric, ranging from microfiber to cooling fabric (perfect for sweaty sleepers!). 25 Weighted Blanket Benefits But that’s the whole reason why such specialty blankets exist in the first place. Used by occupational therapists for years, weighted blankets provide a deep pressure touch that’s similar in nature to a gentle massage. Although more studies are needed, research has been conducted on the use of weighted blankets to treat the following conditions: Some studies show that the use of weighted blankets may help reduce nighttime levels of cortisol, a stress hormone that can contribute to anxiety. Cortisol is best known for producing the “fight or flight” response, a reaction that evolved as a means of survival, enabling people to react to what could be a life-threatening situation. But it’s not just for people on the autism spectrum. A study published in Pediatrics involving 67 children with ASD found that the use of a weighted blanket did not help them fall asleep significantly faster, sleep for a longer period of time, or awaken less often.. A weighted blanket isn’t just for bedtime — it can be used to create a more relaxing experience when you’re winding down on the couch or even on a Zoom call. Imagine feeling … 2019;118(9):1317-1324. doi:10.1016/j.jfma.2019.05.026, Eron K, Kohnert L, Watters A, Logan C, Weisner-Rose M, Mehler PS. 2020;16(9):1567-1577. doi:10.5664/jcsm.8636. Blankets are often referred to as “comfort objects” by child psychologists—that is, an item used to ease frustration or anxiety at times of stress., An older study by psychologist and security object expert Richard Passman, now retired from the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, found that approximately 60% of children are attached to a toy, blanket, or pacifier during the first three years of life., More recent studies have examined adult attachment to transitional objects, such as blankets and stuffed animals.

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