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Shifting to Sustainable Development Goals — Implications for Global Health

Christopher J.L. Murray, M.D., D.Phil.

Representatives of national governments are now coming together to set the next development agenda, under the umbrella of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as the era of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) concludes. In order to attain the new goals, it may help to revisit what worked — and what didn't — in achieving the successes of the MDGs over the past 15 years.

Police obtain first FGM protection order

The Gardian

Bedfordshire police secure order to prevent girls being taken abroad to undergo female genital mutilation

A cutter in Africa holds a razor blade she uses to carry out female genital mutilation. Photograph: Ivan Lieman/Barcroft Media

FGM app launches in Britain as school holiday danger zone nears

Kieran Guilbert

Prisca Korein, a 62-year-old traditional surgeon, holds razor blades before carrying out female genital mutilation on teenage girls from the Sebei tribe in Bukwa district, about 357 kms (214 miles) northeast of Kampala, December 15, 2008.
Reuters/James Akena

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