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African communities called on to end FGM in a generation


Voluntary and community African groups in the UK are being invited to bid for new grants to support their campaigns to end female genital mutilation in their countries of origin.

A Research Agenda to End Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting (FGM/C) in a Generation


Photo Credit: Population Council

Council research contributes to the global evidence base on FGM/C and influences policies and programs to end the practice.

Drug injection protects monkeys from vaginal HIV infection

By Monte Morin

A monthly injection of an experimental anti-retroviral drug protected female monkeys from vaginal infection by a simian form HIV, according to two new studies.

The research, which was published Wednesday in Science Translational Medicine, raises hopes for the development of a long-acting preexposure prophylaxis, or PrEP, drug that would guard against HIV infection during both anal and vaginal intercourse, according to scientists.

Senegal Releases Mid-Term Program Results


Mid-term results are now available for the Senegal Urban Health Initiative (l’Initiative Sénégalaise de Santé Urbaine [ISSU]). The mid-term survey was conducted in 2013, implemented by the Agency for the Promotion of Population Activities-Senegal (APAPS) with technical assistance from MLE.

Featured Video

Fuambai is one of two main guests on Insight, a live Australian Television (SBS-TV) program. She was invited to discuss different views on female circumcision. It is the first time that two African women, one from West Africa and the other from East Africa, who have undergone two different forms of traditional genital surgeries in two different sociocultural contexts come together in a frank, face-to-face conversation about their personal experiences of sexuality, reproductive health, pain, stigma and immigration. Experts weigh in on controversial issues concerning female genital cosmetic surgeries, human rights, Australian anti-FGM Law and policies and whether African girls and women are being unfairly singled out for condemnation.